"There are three people you need in life: an accountant, a fish monger and a bail bondsman."

Celebrity Chef Guy Fieri

Hello, and welcome to my website.

Call me Mike.

Im a Certified Public Accountant with broad experience in business taxation, finance and management. I also serve many clients who need only individual tax return preparation. Over the last several years, Ive developed a long roster of same sex couples as tax clients. This aspect of taxation is changing dramatically.

Perhaps youve heard our ads on KNEWS Radio, FM 94.3 and 970 on the AM dial in the Coachella Valley. We started advertising with them, originally as a sponsor of the Bill Feingold Show, which we still sponsor, back during the depths of the recession. I intermittently appear on the station as a tax and business advisor, or when theres breaking news regarding taxes. Yes, there can be breaking news regarding taxes.

The regional economy continues to improve. From Palm Springs to Indio, most businesses are doing better. Some are doing much better. The recession is over in the Coachella Valley and it's time to make money again. More and more of my long term clients and new clients are facing new concerns. They are no longer worried about surviving until the desperation is over. They're thinking about how to maximize profit margins and minimize tax rates. They're thinking about improving the financial metrics of their business. I love this kind of work.

Its a great time to be an entrepreneur in the Coachella Valley. Of course, business owners still need to be smart. A "Field of Dreams" business model will not work. If you build it, they wont necessarily come. Entrepreneurs still need to be smart and have smart professionals in their arsenal. Like a good CPA.

Same sex couples were duly awarded tax parity with opposite sex couples in 2013, thanks to the Supreme Court. Be careful what you wish for. A surprising number of same sex couples who benefitted from income allocation are going to see their taxes go up this year.

Registered Domestic Partners still have great Federal tax options. They can still allocate income between the two spouses. In many instances Registered Domestic Partners continue to have better Federal tax treatment than married couples.

I do taxes for plenty of straight people, too. I even have straight Registered Domestic Partners. Ive developed a fairly long roster of high net worth clients who appreciate their tax professional billing them fairly. Not that you have to be rich to afford my services. I have a number of middle income clients who feel fairly billed, too.

My CPA practice was built based on the belief that high quality accounting and tax services, using state-of-the-art software, doesnt have to cost a fortune. We have set up dozens of our business clients to use QuickBooks to accurately manage their own accounting, allowing them accurate and timely financial information about their businesses at minimum cost.

I care deeply about the tax strategy and profitability of my clients. My success is dependent upon your success. Pursuant to that goal, I prefer meeting face-to-face with clients for individual tax return preparation, and working on the tax return "live" during the interview, at least for the first few years. This allows the client to understand how certain transactions affect their taxes. It also makes the process more thorough, and more efficient, thus less expensive.

I offer a full range of tax services and bill my clients at a competitive hourly rate, not by schedules on the return or by using "value billing." Billing clients by the schedule or using "value billing," a practice employed by some of my competitors, results in padded invoices and can add hundreds of dollars to the cost of preparing your tax returns, and sometimes more.

Whether youre a corporation, partnership, LLC, LLP, or an individual with a complex return, Id like to help minimize your taxes at a fair price.

And if youre a small business, perhaps you need a little help getting your finances on track. In my career Ive helped build companies from scratch and helped steward many more through turnaround. While having a full-time finance professional on staff is a waste of money for most small businesses, well targeted consulting from an experienced financial manager who understands your business can be extremely beneficial. Many in my profession are talking about "part-time Chief Financial Officer services," especially in these days as we recover from tough economic times. The idea of putting your CPA on a monthly retainer as part-time CFO is a sly way for some CPAs to increase revenues. I offer part-time CFO services on an as-needed basis, which is consistently less expensive than bloated monthly retainers.

I invite you to take a look around my website and learn more about my practice. If you´re looking for a smart CPA who bills their clients fairly, don´t take my word for it, visit my client testimonials page. Then give me a call and let´s talk.

Interested in learning more? Contact me.


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